- Welcome to my personal Website -

Hello! I’m Kevin Carstens, but you might know me as “Slikey” online. My adventure in the tech world began in the 90s with a Windows 98 computer, sparking a passion for technology that’s only grown since. At 10, guided by my father, I began exploring the realms of programming and website development.

My journey took a significant turn when I started delving into dynamic website content, learning about CGI, Perl, and PHP. This exploration laid the groundwork for my understanding of programming and set me on the path to becoming a self-taught software engineer.

A pivotal moment in my journey was using Minecraft as a tool to learn about video game programming. I mastered Java and C# through developing Minecraft mods, which not only deepened my understanding of programming concepts but also fueled my passion for game development. Eager to expand my expertise, I later ventured into learning Rust, Go, and C / C++, continuously pushing the boundaries of my knowledge in software engineering.

Today, I’m not just a tech enthusiast but a professional deeply engrossed in real-time simulations, information security, system design, robotics, and mathematics. Outside of my digital pursuits, I operate a CNC laser cutter and enjoy a wonderful life with my supportive wife Anki and our two cats, Holly and Remus. Welcome to my world of endless curiosity and technological exploration!