- Things I do as a Hobby -

Wooden Sign "Menztel Familie"
Creating a sign for a wedding as a commision.
Hunter Cutting Board
Creating a christmas gift as a commision with a hunter theme.
Lightmove 2023
Creating an installation on a tractor for my town's christmas lightmove in 2023.
Generator Repair
A broken-down electric generator was gifted to my uncle and I volunteered to repair it.
Wedding Beer Pong
Up-cycling a mini beer pong set as a wedding gift.
Makita Moped
I wanted to restore an old moped and it led me down a rabbithole.
Hytale Clock
Creating a clock for my co-worker at Hypixel Studios.
Glühwein Sign
Creating a sign from a board of oak for a christmas market booth.
CNC Laser
How I built a 150 watt CNC CO2 laser cutter in my shed.